Pastor David Beckles

Messages August 10, 2022

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Today we are delighted to join with the Administrators, delegates, and the entire membership of our Conference to thank God for the way He has protected, provided, sustained, and empowered us to carry out His mission plans over these past five challenging years.

Despite the protocols and the ravages associated with COVID-19, our members were free to worship in their homes and with restrictions in our churches. Many became ill, but the majority were healed. Our heartfelt love, sympathy, and prayers go out to those who have experienced loss. 

We have personally encountered individuals associated with our church who were challenged spiritually, financially, and otherwise, but all of them were helped in one way or another through the benevolence of our heavenly Father and the faithfulness of members and workers.

Our schools remained functional online and in person, and our children were able to achieve their academic goals.

We give God thanks for every victory that was gained, every student that was helped, and every soul that was saved, through the creative and innovative inreach and outreach efforts of our workers and members who persevered despite the COVID-19 setbacks.

It is our prayer that the same God, Who stood by His church through each moment of the past years, will be with the delegates to this session as they manage both the spiritual and business agendas that are to be executed.

Yours in Christ

David and Andrea Beckles